Bulgarian Boxer Kubrat Pulev Who Kissed Reporter on Cam Suspended for 4 Months, Fined $2,500 and Asked to Attend Sexual Harassment Class
Boxer Kubrat Pulev fined and suspended for forcefully kissing reporter during interview (Photo Credits: YouTube, Getty Images)

A video of Bulgarian heavyweight boxer Kubrat Pulev forcefully kissing a reporter had gone viral in March. In the clip, the boxer could be seen pulling a reporter named Jennifer Ravalo close to him and kissing her during a live interview. The footage had gone viral on social media earning a lot of criticisms for the boxer. Following which, he released a statement on Twitter stating that he knows the reporter and that she is a friend. However, after the incident, he was given a four-month suspension. The California State Athletic Commission (CSAC) has also ordered Pulev to pay a fine of $2,500 (Rs 1.75 lakh). Also, before he gets back to the ring in the United States, he has to attend sexual harassment prevention classes. Boxer Kubrat Pulev Suspended After Video of Him Forcefully Kissing Reporter Jennifer Ravalo Goes Viral.

The 38-year-old boxer known as 'The Cobra' was being interviewed after he knocked off his opponent Romania's Bogdan Dinu on in Costa Mesa, California when he kissed the reporter. On Tuesday, he appeared before the Commission where he was told that he would be reinstated only on July 22 only after completion of the course. According to TMZ, if Kubrat commits any similar offences in future, he could be banned for life in California. CSAC commissioner condemned Kubrat's action and termed them as unacceptable and dangerous. Video of Bulgarian Boxer Kissing Journalist Goes Viral: 4 Other Incidents Where Reporters Faced Sexual Harassment.

Here is the video of boxer Kubrat Pulev kissing a reporter during a live interview:

Here is what he had tweeted after the video became viral:

Here is the video of Jennifer's statement on the incident:

Meanwhile, attorneys for Pulev said that he had got caught up in the moment of victory and 'didn't have his wits about him' when he kissed the reporter who was interviewing him. They also argued that the reporter did not look bothered about the incident and joined the boxer and his team during a post-match celebration later in the night. However, Jennifer in her testimony said that he even grabbed by back off-camera, leaving her humiliated. She also added that in the past two months he did not apologise for his actions.