Captain Marvel’s Cat 'Goose' Has Left Korea Obsessed With a Photoshop Trend That Is Going Viral on Twitter; Check Out the Pictures!
Captain Marvel's cat Goose sets a photoshop trend (Photo Credit: Twitter:/HG✞ and aKIXQrv5NLlytVP)

Captain Marvel hit the screens last week and is winning the box office ever since. However, apart from Brie Larson who was playing Captain Marvel, the cat playing Goose became has become an internet sensation. Goose the cat whose real name is Reggie has become favourite of people in Korea. Korean Marvel fans are recreating Goose's poster with their own feline friends and other posters of Captain Marvel and the results are going viral. Using ##캡틴마블_우리집구스, the whole world is getting in on the fun, as per Twitter. Captain Marvel’s super cute cat aka Flerken named Goose has been trending on Twitter and HOW! The trend was reportedly spotted by Twitter user @doryheartsbooks who found the hashtag is filled with images of peoples’ cats photoshopped into a Captain Marvel background.

Take a look at some of the tweets:

Aren't these super cute?


Can't even...

The squirrel


The photoshopped pictures of adorable cats onto Marvel posters is winning hearts all across the internet. People who don't have cats are editing the poster with other pets they have like parrots and squirrels. We seriously can't get enough of the pictures!