Before we begin, just take note, the next time you suffer from a headache, never take it lightly and instead rush to the nearby clinic. Otherwise, you might end up in a situation like this man in China who was carrying a 48mm nail in his skull and had no idea why it is there inside. After doctors did a Computed Tomography or CT scan, they including the patient was shocked and how the nail became lodged in his head remains a mystery. Careless Dentist Leaves Behind Needle in Another Dentist's Jaw During a Surgical Procedure in Karnataka. 

According to Chutian Metropolis Daily, the man identified as a 43-year-old surnamed Hu, works at a cement factory in Chongyang, Hubei province. Last week, he was suffering from a severe headache, and only he could not bear the pain anymore, went to the Chongyang People’s Hospital. With the CT scan, the doctors discovered the nail hanging from the right side of his skull. Hu was quoted in the report as saying, “I have no idea why there is a nail in my head. My job is to monitor the security surveillance cameras in the factory – it has nothing to do with nails.”

The doctor even reported that Hu’s other health indicators like blood pressure were all normal. He will now travel to a hospital in the provincial capital Wuhan to undergo an operation to remove the nail. Such instances have often happened when we are surprised about our health after visiting the doctor. Recently, a vaccination needle was left inside a newborn's hip in Mumbai. After multiple X-rays, the doctors could locate its exact position, and the child was soon diagnosed. In 2010, a Kansan retiree survived nail in his skull which was accidentally fired a 21/2-inch nail by a friend.

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