Coronavirus Human Representation: From Egypt, India, Pakistan to Russia, People Dress as Deadly COVID-19 Bug is Funny, Serious and Agonising (Pics & Videos)
Coronavirus Human Representation (Photo Credits: @KarlreMarks, @MoscowTimes, AlHayah TV Network Twitter, YouTube)

As coronavirus has spread across world countries, governments have ordered quarantine to curb the deadly disease. With people confined to their homes, many have come up with various creative ideas to beat the boredom. And in the meanwhile, some are also trying to imagine how coronavirus would look like in real life. People have taken to social media platforms with the human representation of COVID-19. Some even came dressed as coronavirus to newsrooms and gave an interview on TV! Check out human representations of coronavirus in India, Pakistan, Egypt and Russia. While it touches upon a serious issue the world the fighting currently, these human replicas look funny.  Amul Ad Urges Citizens to 'Stay Healthy, Not Hungry' During Coronavirus Lockdown.

 For a fancy dress, children dressed as Coronavirus with doctors and nurses trying to cure it in Moscow. One of the Coronavirus depiction by a Pakistani man has his faced painted in green and ponytails tied up straight. He is seen wearing an orange hoodie with 'Coronavirus' written on it.


Check Out The Photo Below:

Meet Egyptian Representation of COVID-19:

An Egyptian news channel interviewed the virus which has green painted faced and pointed needle-like object protruding out of it.

Indian Version of Coronvirus Urges People to Remain at Home:

In a bid to curb coronavirus pandemic, a local artist collaborated with a Chennai police office to make a 'Corona helmet'. The aim was to stop commuters from stepping out on the streets during the coronavirus lockdown. Gowtham, the artist, who designed the helmet, told ANI in Chennai, "The public at large is not treating the Covid-19 situation seriously. The police personnel, on the other hand, are working round the clock to ensure people stay at home and do not venture out so that further spread of the disease can be stopped."

The Moscow Times Interviews Coronavirus:

In Russia, The Moscow Times interviewed coronavirus inside their studio. COVID-19 which is seen sitting on a chair across the TV presenter has a big round head with an irregular surface.

Coronavirus Fancy Dress in Mexico

Also, did we tell you children were dressed as Coronavirus for a fancy dress competition in Mexico? Yes, you read it right! The video shows a child wearing a Coronavirus costume dancing on stage surrounded by two kids, one dressed as a doctor with a giant syringe in hand, followed by a nurse assisting him.

With coronavirus being the prime topic in news, people from various walks of life are seeing it differently. A picture of a pakoda made in the shape of coronavirus was shared widely on social media platforms last week. A chef in Vietnam created a coronavirus-themed burger. Jokingly he told Retuers, "We have this joke that if you are scared of something, you should eat it."