Country Club Sues Their Waiter For Pouring Red Wine on Guest's $30,000 Hermès Handbag!
Club sues waiter for spilling win on guest's bag (Photo Credits: Getty Images, Pexels)

A country club issuing its own waiter for accidentally pouring red wine on a guest's expensive purse. On a fateful day, the waiter identified as John Doe spill win on a guest's pink Hermès Kelly handbag worth $30,000. Maryana Beyder was dining at the Alpine Country Club in Demarest, New Jersey with her husband on September 7, 2018, when the incident occurred.

Maryana's lawyer, Alexandra Errico, told the North Jersey Record, "Whoever the waiter was proceeded to pour red wine and didn’t stop. Poured it all over her. Poured it all over her husband. And poured it all over a very expensive Hermès bag." Maryana at multiple occasions demanded the club to cover the costs incurred to her in damages, but they did not, following which she sued the club for negligence.

However, on Monday the country club responded to the Maryana by suiting their own employee saying that he is liable for the damages. But Errico said that the club’s attempt to shift blame, have left her and her client "appalled". She told the New York Post, "It has absolutely nothing to do with the waiter, we were not trying to collect any money from the waiter. There was never any intention of my client to go after this person at all. The only intention was to have the employer take responsibility."

The lawyer added, "We were forced to include him, but they didn't have to. They did not have to sue their own employee." Errico further said that they only meant to go after the "very, very, very rich country club" and had to include the server in the lawsuit. Errico also suggested that the club was discriminating against its client for owning an expensive handbag. She was quote as saying, "It’s sort of like a rich person problem. They couldn’t comprehend that a bag could be that much."

Hermès Kelly bags are known for being expensive and are worth thousands of dollars. The record for the most expensive Kelly bag held by the Hermès 32cm Matte Geranium Porosus Crocodile and Black Togo Leather Sellier Kelly Bag with Feet, which sold at auction for $125,000. Reportedly, becoming a member of the Alpine Country Club entails paying a "$65,000 initiation fee, along with annual dues of more than $19,000 after that".