A video going viral on social media platforms shows a chimpanzee being forced into riding a bicycle while spraying coronavirus disinfectant at a Thailand zoo. The zoo is located in Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo in the outskirts of Bangkok. The clip shows the chimp wearing a surgical face mask, denim shorts and an orange shirt as it rides inside the zoo while spraying the coronavirus sanitiser. As the video showing animal cruelty went viral, people described the sight as heartbreaking. German Zoo May Feed Some Inmates to Other Animals as it Struggles Without Funding During Coronavirus Lockdown.

A zoo worker is seen running alongside the bike while holding a chain attached to the chimpanzee. Towards the end of the video, the zoo worker encourages the chimp to clap. Animals rights group PETA described the treatment as 'heartbreaking' and said the zoo was a 'hell hole'. Talking about the incident, spokesman Nirali Shah said, "Places like Samutprakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo are hellholes where animals like this chimpanzee endure miserable lives in captivity every single day. They're routinely mistreated, and know little more than chains. When they're not used for human 'entertainment', they're held in cramped cages." Tiger Nadia Tests Positive for Coronavirus in New York Zoo: From Dogs to Cats, Here's The List of Animals Infected by COVID-19 in Different Parts of The World.

Chimpanzee Being Forced to Spray Coronavirus Disinfectant at Zoo:


Meanwhile, Zoo director Uthen Yangpraphakorn claimed the chimp was used to help clean the zoo ahead of its re-opening once the government lifts coronavirus lockdown measures. Yangpraphakorn said, "We have been closed since the government orders about the virus, so in the meantime, we do not have much to do. We clean the place two or three times a week in case the government will allow us to re-open, so we are ready to start accepting visitors again. The chimp was also trained in the farm so we just brought him out to let him stretch his limbs during this inactive period." Coronavirus Fears: Animals at Ahmedabad Zoo Barred From Sexual Intercourse, Kept in Separate Cages to Prevent Mating.

Thailand has so far declared 2,643 coronavirus cases and 43 deaths. The country has enforced strict measures to combat the pandemic including closing zoos and other businesses, banning passenger flights, imposing curfews, sweeping travel bans and prohibiting alcohol.

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