Don’t Mess With Her! Cashier Punches Down a Drunk Man for Creating a Ruckus; Old Video Resurfaces, Goes Viral
Cashier Punches Down a Drunk Man for Creating a Ruckus (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/ @_SJPeace_/ Twitter)

You thought, you can go hell drunk, create a mess and get away with it smoothly. Not so easy when we have badass women around. A recent viral video surfacing online has become the talk of social media. It was originally recorded in 2016 on the surveillance camera of the unidentified liquor store where a drunk man was seen creating a ruckus. Yes, the clip is old, but it is now resurfacing online, after a Twitter user, @_SJPeace_ shared it with a caption, “I don't condone violence. With that said, this woman is a SHERO.” Netizens cannot get enough of it. 7 Absolutely Ridiculous Videos and Funny Memes to Revive You for Monday Morning!

The short clip shows that it was midnight of February 26, 2016, and people at the liquor store were all standing in queue to buy their bottles of beer/ whiskey or any other choice of their drinks. Suddenly, one drunk man can be seen beating another drunk man who was standing before him in the cashier line. The man kept banging the other in a beer fridge right next to him. And the next thing that happened was totally unexpected! Dog Holds His Owner's Hand While Crossing The Street in Nepal. 

Meet the Shero!

Yes, after the woman who is the cashier witnessed the mess, she came out, started to punch and kick the bully and knocked him down.The woman then calmly turns around and walks back to her counter, with the man laying sprawled out on the floor, and other customers thanking her and offering to shake her hand. He for sure learnt some lesson! Internet went crazy looking at the throwback and reactions are amusing.

Zang, Bam, Pow

Wonder Woman; She Is Watching Over Us!

That Last Punch Though.

Apart from the date and time, nothing else is really clarified through the video. But identified the girl to be Russian. Nevertheless, it was really terrific, and we definitely need more such women to tackle the mess happening at public places. More power to you girl!