New Delhi, June 27: At the time when the construction of Ram Temple construction is going at full pace, several controversies erupted over the land deals by the Ram temple trust in Ayodhya. Recently, a purported video of a centuries-old manuscript discovered during excavation at Ram Janmabhoomi has also surfaced on social media. The video is being shared widely by multiple social media users in India with the claim that the manuscript inscribed on copper is in Sanskrit and belongs to Ram Temple. Social media users further claimed that the exvacation of the manuscript claimed that the site belonged to the Ram Temple. Ram Mandir Trust Issues Another Statement Amid Allegations of Corruption in Land Purchase for Ram Temple.

However, the video has no connection with Ram Temple being constructed in Ayodhya, and the claim is misleading. According to a report by India Today report, the manuscript is in the Hebrew language, and it was not evacuated from the Ram Temple site. The media house found out that the video was first posted on the Instagram page "define.avcilari" on April 10, 2020. However, there are no other details about the video on the page. The page's bio is in the Turkish language. The vessel containing the manuscript has the Jewish symbol of light, "Menorahs'" It also has Hamsa, a palm-shaped symbol, inscribed on it. It is believed to be the "hand of God".

Here Is The Video Being Shared With MIsleading Claims: 

According to the media house, the Oxford Interfaith Forum also confirmed that the text on the manuscript is in the Hebrew language. From the style of the manuscript, experts believed that the manuscript could be artificial. Notably, the levelling of land at the Ram Temple construction site started on May 11, 2020, and the video is almost a month before. Last year also the same video surfaced with similar claims. The same video was also circulated in the past as a 1,500-year-old Persian Haggadah.

Here Is The Original Video:

Earlier on Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi reviewed the future vision of Ayodhya's development in a virtual meeting with Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath. In February 2020, the Prime Minister had announced the constitution of Shri Ram Janmbhoomi Teerth Kshetra to oversee the construction of the Ram temple in Ayodhya.

Fact check

Centuries-Old Manuscript in Sanskrit Excavated From Ram Janmabhoomi? Unrelated Video is Being Shared on Social Media With Misleading Claims; Here's The Truth
Claim :

A centuries-old manuscript in Sanskrit excavated from Ram Janambhoomi

Conclusion :

The video is in Hebrew and the manuscript was not excavated from Ram Janambhoomi

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