A viral message that is being widely circulated on Facebook-owned messaging app, WhatsApp claims that sending "Good morning" WhatsApp forwards can put the phone on the risk of phishing. Not only good morning messages, but it also claims sending Good Night wishes, festival greetings, Good Morning HD images, Good Night quotes, basically anything 'pre-made' is embedded with phishing codes by hackers. The long message which reads "forwarded as received" also says that sending and receiving such messages can steal important data from the phone. The message has gone viral on not just WhatsApp but also other social media sites like Twitter. However, a fact check on the viral message reveals the truth behind the message. Govt Has Banned Chinese Apps like CamScanner, Shein, Club Factory, AppLock and Several Others on App Stores? PIB Debunks Fake News, Here's the Truth.

After inspection, it came to light that the messages doing rounds are not only fake but also have no substance. The misleading message says that sending any good morning message can lead to theft of data from the phone. It further says that the only way to avoid the theft of data is by typing customised messages. Fake Websites, Viral WhatsApp Messages Claim Modi Government Offering Free Laptops Under 'Make In India' Initiative, Developer Arrested.

Viral WhatsApp Message of Sending Good Morning, Good Night and Festival Greetings

"Please do not send Good Morning Wishes/Messages.

Please read this warning coming from China from the Shanghai International News today it sent an SOS to all subscribers that experts advise & recommend: Please don't send Good morning, good night, or any funny festivals greetings such as pictures & movies etc..The reports state that hackers in China have designed the pictures, movies so perfectly for hiding phishing codes within them, when everybody forwards and sends those, they will go and steal personal information from your device. It is reported that more than 500,000 fraud victims have already been scammed. If you would like to greet one another, type your own message to protect yourself, as well as protecting your family and friends.

(Very important). Delete all previously and later greeting designs, pictures for your own safety, and that of friends to avoid hackers phishing. THEY CONTAIN EMBEDDED "GIFs" PROGRAMS that steal your personal data, Credit Card numbers and Pin's. Greet each other by typing own words or use completely self made picture, videos. Self created material is completely safe.

Please forward this to your contacts so you don't continue receiving the day and morning greetings that are pre-made."

Read the Full Message Going Viral Below

Fake WhatsApp Message Doing Rounds. (Photo Credits: File Image)

Similar Messages Circulating on Twitter

A Few Irritated Users

On further inquiry it is clear that the messages doing rounds are misleading. We appeal to the readers to not give in to such messages and also avoid circulating them further. There is no truth to the claim that the "good morning" messages can harm the privacy of the users phone or those receiving or sending such messages. Also, the claim that China is behind these forwarded messages have no substance as no credible information is available on the same.

Fact check

Fact Check: Sending Forwarded Good Morning, Good Night Wishes and Festival Greetings on WhatsApp Can Steal Data From Phone? Know the Truth About Viral Message
Claim :

Sending forwarded "good morning" messages can put the phone on risk of phishing and steal important data from the phone.

Conclusion :

The widely shared messages are blatantly false.

Full of Trash

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