Food From North India to South India: Bengaluru Customer's Swiggy Order Showed Delivery From Rajasthan in 12 Mins, Check Funny Tweets
Swiggy order from Rajasthan to Bengaluru (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Food delivery apps have been more often than not, been criticised for delivering wrong orders, finding something inedible in food items or taking too long to deliver an order etc. But recently Swiggy India went too far in providing a good service to their customer in Bengaluru. When Bhargav Rajan based in Bengaluru ordered for food from a nearby restaurant, it got detected at an eatery in Rajasthan. And what's more? The application even showed his valet getting the food order from Rajasthan to Bengaluru that too in 12 minutes! The user took to Twitter and he also got a reply from Swiggy's team. People too had their share of funny inputs to give here. Mumbai Fire: Swiggy Delivery Boy Hailed on Social Media For Joining Rescue Operations at Andheri Hospital, Saving 10 Lives.

Bhargav Rajan tweeted the picture of his Swiggy order coming from Rajasthan to Bengaluru. And what's surprising was the order was just Rs 138. He made a funny remark asking Swiggy what they were driving, as his order was coming from miles away. The tweet other than getting a reply from Swiggy also got many other funny replies. Zomato Customer Refund Query Gets 'Maa Kasam, Milega Refund' Response, Reddit Goes Crazy.

Check Tweet of User Whose Swiggy Order Was Coming From Rajasthan to Bengaluru

Check Swiggy's Reply to The Customer's Concern

They also chose a funny reply for another customer.

Meanwhile, this tweet got over 900 retweets and 2000 plus likes. Check how others replied to the tweet.

When your order North Indian Food...

How about people pick up and drop service?

Tie up With ISRO!

The funny tweet also garnered funnier reactions. Some hoped that something like this becomes a reality! While other users commented if it was a missile they were coming by or using brooms from Harry Potter to fly the long distance. Meanwhile, the person who raised the issue would have to depend on another restaurant to get him food.