Furious Wife Rides 5km With Husband on Car's Bonnet in China (See Picture)
Wife drives car with husband on bonnet (Photo Credits: Twitter)

A fight between a husband and wife blew so much out of proportion that the incident is now going viral on social media. Video of a woman driving the car with her husband on the car's bonnet is being shared widely on the internet. It seems that the couple had a fight making the woman drive the car angrily for five kilometres with her husband clinging on the vehicle. As the video went viral, it was not known that the couple were husband and married. Later reports clarified that the duo was married. Many internet users expressed shock on knowing that a fight made the woman risk the life of her husband. Angry Wife Climbs on Top of Car Roof at Signal in China After Fight With Husband, Watch Viral Video.

Reportedly, three children were also in the car during the incident. It happened on the motorway near the city of Bijie in China's south-western Guizhou Province. It seems that the couple were both in the car when their argument escalated and the man got out of the vehicle. He told her to turn off the engine, but she paid no heed and tried to drive off and the man intervened. Honeymoon Gone Wrong! Drunk Husband Thrown off Flight and Jailed For Causing Ruckus, Wife Screamed, 'You've F****d Our Honeymoon'.

Trying to stop her, he stood in the front of the vehicle, but that didn't stop the woman who drove with him on the car's bonnet. The whole drama was caught on a dashboard camera of another car. It shows the man attached to the front of a moving car. The video shows him collecting the shoe which had fallen during the bonnet ride. The man is reportedly safe and children are fine too. In a similar incident in Japan, wife drove husband on the car's hood for four kilometres after which he fell and suffered a fracture to his skull.