Do you know some people in the world actually follow a pastor who sits on people's faces and farts on them claiming that he can "heal" them spiritually and THAT this power has been bestowed upon him by GOD himself? Yes, no matter how bizarre it sounds, pictures of Pastor Penelope farting on his followers have gone viral on Twitter, leaving netizens either disgusted or in splits. No in-between! Pastor Christ Penelope who is said to be from Limpopo, South Africa, is a radical preacher and his claim to fame is farting on his followers. He claims that he can solve "spiritual problems" via his flatulence and that.. ahem, brace yourselves... is a "demonstration of God’s power"! Side-Effects of Holding a Fart: Know What Happens to Your Body When You Hold in the Gas. 

"It is the demonstration of God’s power. Just like God made Adam go into a deep sleep, it is a similar thing. God did anything with the body of Adam while he was on the ground in deep sleep. He was not feeling anything", he told SA media. The SA pastor who believes that he is doing "the Lord’s work" is garnering criticism online while some people still scratching their brains wondering how stunts like this still work in the real world.

And if you are thinking it is all about sniffing a cloth that has been farted on, allow us to paint a grim picture for you. The Giyani-based pastor straight up sits on people's faces to fart on them directly. According to SA media, pulling such stunts isn't new for him, in fact, Christ Penelope has also made his congregants eat snakes to "test their faith" in the past!

Christ Penelope Goes Viral for Sitting on Followers' Faces to Fart on Them! View Pic:

The pastor continues to practice at the Seven-Fold Holy Spirit Ministries, in the province of Limpopo and now his new "farting therapy" is garnering criticism from all across the globe. However, he also has his share of a loyal fanbase.

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