The pandemic situation forced everyone to sit behind their laptop, computer or mobile screens. Along with working from home, children continue their schools and colleges online. Even the little children have been attending classes online. Sitting in front of the screen regularly can get boring sometimes, so a teacher from Kansas decided to have some pure innocent fun. During her ongoing class, she pretended to fart loudly. Listening to the farting sound, the children could not hold back their laughter. All of them were laughing loudly, calling their teacher as the one who farted. Although it was a prank, the reactions of the kids laughing are priceless. Video clip of this prank is going viral as people find their own joy in this video. Zoom meetings and classes have seen some funny moments even from the elderly in this work from home scenario.

A teacher named Emma Ginder decided to prank her grade 3 students. Once the class began, she told the students to take out their books and then played a fart noise. She immediately gave an embarrassed reaction, and the students definitely did not miss it. She recorded everyone's reactions as they laughed out loud for a minute there. "What was that?" asked one, to which another boy said, "I think she farted." One of the students even quipped, "It was a big one." Ginder herself shared the video on her Facebook account, from where it has been shared multiple times on Twitter and Reddit, going viral for sparking innocent joy. Robbers Break Into Student’s Home During Her Online Zoom Class, Get Arrested After Participants Call Police (Watch Video Capturing the Terrifying Moment).

Watch Emma Ginder's Video of Fart Prank in Her Zoom Class:

Here's The Video on Twitter:

Some teachers have gone out of their way to clear the hurdles of online teaching. The video has over a million likes combined by the multiple shares on social media. But it is the kids' infectious laughter that is sharing joy online. See some reactions:

Still Funny at 50

Best Kind of Laughter

So Funny

Funny Giggles


There have been some real embarrassing moments on zoom classes, like in one case, a naked mum accidentally appeared in the background of her son's online class. This one was a planned embarrassment, that would sure make a tale for the kids to share with everyone. Just to see the kids whole heartedly laughing together is cheering up the internet today.

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