Huge Rattlesnake Takes a Leisure Crawl at Florida Golf Course! Watch Viral Video the Serpent
Huge Rattlesnake Takes a Leisure Crawl at Florida Golf Course (Photo Credits: Screengrab/ hulk_logan34/ Instagram)

Snakes slithering on the golf course are nothing new. But it does not make them any less terrifying, every single time. There have been scariest sightings time and again. Most of us, while seeing a snake anywhere, would instantly run away. But there are brave individuals, who would instead capture the eeriest moment. And that is how, it goes viral on the internet. At the most recent, a golf game in Florida was interrupted by a rattlesnake, spotted to crawl leisurely. Yes, right after, alligator Chubbs visit, now it is serpent slither across the grass. The short video is sure to send chills down your spine!

A golf player in St. Petersburg identified as Logan Ungerer, and some friends were golfing at the Mangrove Bay Golf Course on Columbus Day. As reported to Fox13, to Ungerer, it appeared like a stick blowing in the wind on the green. After closer observation, they were shocked to see the rattlesnake. A conservative biologist, David Steen, recognised it to a diamondback rattlesnake, according to Tampa Bay TimesLivingston, Texas Mayor Kills 12-Foot Alligator Suspected of Eating Her Horse. 

Watch the viral video of rattlesnake slithering at Florida Golf Course. 

Steen in the same report called the sighting to be ‘unusual’. Steen said, “Snakes are typically secretive creatures that have nothing to gain from interacting with people, so it is unusual for a snake like this to be found in the open on a golf course. It is likely that the rattlesnake was simply observed while traveling from one forest patch to another.” Diamondbacks are said to be the largest poisonous snake in North America. Last week, golfers in Palmetto. At Buffalo Creek Golf Course, players spotted a giant alligator taking a leisurely stroll across the green.