Livingston, Texas Mayor Kills 12-Foot Alligator Suspected of Eating Her Horse (See Pictures)
Mayor kills alligator (Photo Credits: Scott Hughes Facebook)

Livingston, Texas mayor Judy B Cochran killed a 12-foot, alligator weighing 263 kgs on Monday with a single shot. She suspects that the massive reptile ate her miniature horse. Cochran became the mayor of Livingston, Texas earlier this May. She now plans to eat the meat and hang its head in her office. Cochran doesn't consider herself as a hunter but has been trying to hunt the gator for some time.

Three years ago her miniature horse went missing and its remains were never found. She believes the gator would have eaten it. Multiple alligators were found on her property after that but it was only on Monday she found one large enough. According to USA Today, she said that there's a limited season for hunting alligators in Polk County, Texas — just 20 days in September, she said. The gator must be captured on a hook before it is shot, she said.

Here are the pictures:

Her property had a baited hook on Monday and she received a call saying that a gator was on the hook. She reached and immediately shot it and took it to a taxidermist. Cochran said the alligator has been put to good use; its hide will be made into boots and the meat will be eaten. She said in Polk County, Texas, there's a limited season for hunting alligators which is just 20 days in September, she said. Also, Cochran became a great-grandmother earlier this September.