The city of New York and around experienced a severe thunderstorm last night and a visual representation of the situation has been captured on video. A video has captured the exact moment when a bolt of lightning struck the city's iconic monument, the Statue of Liberty. It is amazing yet scary to see nature showing its side. The weather was quite wild and frightening as lightning bolts were seen striking across places. The video that captured a pink coloured striking bolt on Statue of Liberty is going viral with over a million views in a few hours. Lightning Captured From Space! NASA Astronaut Shares Stunning Video of Violet Fringes Spotted From ISS.

Twitter user Mikey Cee was able to capture the exact time when a massive bolt of lightning struck on Statue of Liberty and he called it "The best video I ever captured". Looking at it, even you'd agree that it is one of the best and close shots you'd have seen of lightning on the iconic monument. It looks something you'd see in a movie with special effects but unless it's not. It is quite scary yet incredible at the same time.

Watch The Video of Lightning Strike on Statue of Liberty:

Wow! Looks so amazing but yet so scary. The video has got 1.7 million views and diverse reactions. Some of them even called it a reminder of the political situation in America right now. Check some of the reactions.

Something Ominous About It!

Spectacular Yet Spooky

Ghost Busters!

Signs From God For Some

Finding a Metaphor

Shot Will Make it in a Movie

The thunderstorms resulted in heavy rains and flooding in parts of New York and New Jersey yesterday, warnings were issued to the people for the same. There was even a power problem for thousands in Jersey. Lightning bolts were seen striking at other landmarks too.

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