Do you love bicycle riding? Learning to ride a bicycle would also be among the fondest of our growing up memories. It is quite an exercise and taking a bicycle ride can also be very refreshing. But a viral video from Malaysia of a boy riding a really tall bicycle will you the thrills! The video shows a modified bicycle, made of more than two bicycles joined together. And by joining we don't mean next to each other, but atop one another. The total height of this modified cycle is almost 3-metre-high according to reports. The video is quite intriguing and more than the riding even the way the boy gets atop the bicycle is skillful. Man in Pakistan Rides a Bike With a Cow Sitting Calmly in Front, Watch Viral Video.

The video is shared by a Twitter user named Kakarot. In the caption, he writes, "Style of bicycle is one thing, the way he goes up os another thing, ahhh..." It shows such a distinct design of a bicycle, which is probably made by stacking up more than two bicycles atop one another. There are rods in between which the guy uses to step up and take a seat. Climbing on the bicycle is a skill in itself. The innovation has amused several netizens.

Watch The Video of Guy Riding Tall Bicycle:

The video has got over 5 lakh views and 2 lakh plus retweets. One of the comments on the video said, "This is giving me unnecessary anxiety." Another user joked that "If you don't know how to handle it, you just sit on the tree." Well, funny! This bicycle is clearly not for the ones who are scared of heights.

And if you are wondering, this is not the tallest bicycle in the world. The record belongs to "Stoopidtaller" which measures 6.15 m. It was built by Richie Trimble (USA) and measured in Los Angeles, California, USA, on 26 December 2013.


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