Jaclyn Hill Talks About Depression, Anxiety After Lipstick Fiasco, Fans Say ‘Just Apologise Already!’
Jaclyn Hill is back (Photo Credits: Youtube/Twitter/itsv_82)

Jaclyn Hill is finally back. After a never-ending hiatus, the beauty blogger is back with answers. Jaclyn went MIA after her lipstick launch failed miserably and she got bashed from all corners of the internet. The YouTube star uploaded a 19-minute long video titled “Where I’ve Been” on her YouTube channel which didn’t sit well with the viewers...again! Jaclyn disappeared from social media saying “I need to protect my mental state first and foremost”. Just like the last few videos, people are disappointed and unhappy with the “explanation”. Jaclyn Hill Quits Instagram, Twitter After Lipstick Controversy for Sake of Mental Health; Trolled For Playing Victim Card…AGAIN!

Jaclyn Hill launched her own makeup brand called Jaclyn Cosmetics in May 2019. It included 20 nude lipsticks and the range was named “So Rich”. Shortly after the launch, customers started finding problems with their lipsticks.

Jaclyn Hill's Where I've Been Video

Starting with tiny bumps and fuzzy threads, moving to metal and glass shards. The audience expected Jaclyn to apologise for the contaminated lipstick and disappearing without any helpful answers for her fans. Jaclyn Hill Offers Refund for Mouldy Lipsticks, But Doesn’t Talk of Recalling The Spoilt Products Yet.

Twitter's Reaction to Jaclyn's Return

The fans are pissed at Jaclyn Hill for not apologising once for the inconvenience. The comment section was flooded by people pointing out Jaclyn is playing the victim card again by talking about her depression and anxiety. People also didn’t like the fact that Jaclyn tried to put the blame on the lab and the workers in the lab. Fans questioned her why she didn’t listen to Marlena Stell from Makeup Geek. Overall, the video didn't go in the beauty guru's favour and she gathered more hate. The video currently has 95K likes and 55K dislikes.