Jellyfish Swimming in Tiny Bowl Sparks Debate Online, Twitterati Slams British Business Magnate Alan Sugar for Cruelty (Watch Viral Video)
Jellyfish Swimming in Tiny Bowl (Photo Credits: Video Screengrab/ @Lord_Sugar/ Twitter)

British business magnate, Alan Sugar, identified in his Twitter as Lord Sugar recently shared two videos of a jellyfish swimming in a tiny bowl, in which people mostly like to keep goldfish. His tweet was not welcomed by his millions of followers. Quickly the videos went viral, garnering attention internationally as netizens found it extremely cruel on Lord Sugar’s side. They slammed the businessman, with some saying he should put it back in the sea. Others pointed out that it was “mean” and “cruel” of him to keep the sea animal in the tiny bowl. Jellyfish as Big as Humans Spotted by Divers in UK, View Stunning Pic of Barrel Jellyfish. 

On July 26, 2019, Sugar uploaded two videos of the Jellyfish, swimming in the small bowl. As active as he is on Twitter, the Chairman of Amshold Group’s tweet quickly got Twitterati’s attention. The 72-year-old captioned the clips saying, “Some people have gold fish,” and “some people collect gold fish.” In both the videos, the sea fish can be seen moving around the bowls which are sitting on top of a net on a table. Watch the viral videos below:

Video 1:

Video 2:

Netizens Slam Lord Sugar for Cruelty!

It Should be Swimming in the Ocean!

We Hope That Too...

You need to be very careful before putting any controversial tweets or at least be clear with the followers of your intentions. Apparently, the British business magnate had uploaded the video of the jellyfish which has been rescued recently and will be returned to where it belongs. After Lord Sugar’s videos garnered online debate, he responded, “Of course they are going back on the sea. This one was rescued from a fishing net. Just on display for the kids.” Well, we hope that the sea jelly is released to the ocean soon.