Langur Gets Stuck in Car's Bonnet on Ahmedabad Expressway in Gujarat, Video Goes Viral
Langur stuck in hood of car (Photo Credits: DeshGujaratHD YouTube)

Video of a langur stuck in the hood of a car has gone viral on social media. The animal can be seen stuck inside the bonnet of a Maruti Suzuki Swift in Gujarat. Previously also videos and pictures of animals hiding in the bonnet of the cars and other vehicles have been shared widely on social media. This video shows a langur entangled inside the car and refusing to come out. It is not known how the langur entered the car's hood, however, later it was saved.

Even while being poked with a stick, it does not leave the place and continues to sit there. The incident was captured on camera at Ahmedabad-Vadodara Expressway in Gujarat. As the driver of the vehicle struggled to get the animal out of the hood, highway services personnel came to rescue. People travelling on the highway also stopped to check what was wrong with the vehicle. Six-Feet-Long Cobra Enters BMW GT, Tamil Nadu Businessmen Get Their Luxury Car Dismantled to Remove It (Watch Video)

Here is the video:

It is believed that the vehicle was parked by the side of the road when the langur entered it. It seems to be stuck inside it unable to move from the place. While they tried ushering the animal out first, eventually they had to remove the grill making space for it to move out. However, after a few minutes, the langur got out unhurt from the vehicle. Animals often enter hoods of vehicles looking for some warmth during winters. It is advisable to check the bonnet of your vehicle before starting off. Several videos of cats and dogs sitting inside the bonnet of cars have gone viral in the past.