Work from home? No. No. Looks like, work from the stage is the new normal these days! LOL. Yes, we're not kidding, an Indian bride was spotted with her laptop and mobile phone on her wedding stage, dressed fully in her Dulhan ka joda sitting right beside her groom. While we are not sure if she was actually working or just talking to her relatives on her big day (this seems more plausible) but the video is now going viral with people talking about work pressure. Now famous as "Bride Working on a laptop on Stage from a wedding", her video has taken over twitter. Coronavirus has caused most of us to work from home to avoid meeting people and thereby curbing the COVID-19 infection.

This work from stage video is making people come up with funny memes and jokes.  In this video, the bride can be seen using a laptop and with the other hand, she can be seen holding a mobile phone. When you look at the video carefully, it seems like someone is giving instruction to the girl on the phone and she is following it on the laptop but it surely can also be her talking to different relatives who were not able to make it to the wedding, maybe. We do not know when the video was shot but it is surely churning out hilarious reactions. Dulhe raja can be seen sitting beside her and the whole scene makes up for a very funny sight. While some are surprised, some are extremely upset seeing the video of the bride working on stage on her wedding day. This video has been shared by Twitter user Dinesh Joshi. Watch video:

Check out some of the reactions the viral video has received:




While the video caption reads, "If you think you are under work pressure then watch this...", we cannot really assure you if she is actually working or just connecting with her relatives, because it is common for relatives to video call during a wedding they missed out on to see the bride and groom.

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