Little Girl Tries to Eat Biscuit Wearing Facemask in China, Her Perplexed Reaction Goes Viral (Watch Video)
Girl tries to eat biscuit wearing facemask in China (Photo Credits: South China Morning Post YouTube)

A video of a Chinese girl trying to eat biscuit while wearing a facemask has gone viral on social media platforms. It shows the little one munching on a biscuit only to realise that it has not landed in her mouth. The look on her face has left social media users giggling. She takes a bite out of it and then looks perplexed. The video was captured by a passerby in Haozhou, Anhui Province of eastern China. The clip has gone viral on multiple Chinese social media platforms making them laugh. People in China do not leave their homes without wearing facemask as the deadly coronavirus has spread in many parts of the country. Two Chinese Medics Perform Ballet Outside Hospital to Celebrate Recovery of 6 Patients Suffering From Coronavirus (Watch Video)

As the video went viral, varying reactions poured in. While some laughed at the little girl's innocence others pointed at the grim situation in China due to which she had to wear the facemask. One commented, "Hahaha, how does this little girl face this video when she grows up? What a lovely little girl." While another comment reads, "Ooh cutie girl. I feel you must be hungry. Your so cute." People pointed out the video portrayed how it had affected society as a whole. A comment reads, "I don't know what to do? Laugh or feel what they are going through." China's Coronavirus Outbreak: How Long Can the Deadly Virus Linger On Metal, Glass and Plastic Surfaces and Infect People?

Girl Tries to Eat Biscuit Wearing Facemask:

Coronavirus has killed at least 2,809 people and infected more than 82,500 in China.  World Health Organisation on Monday said that the coronavirus has now 'peaked' in China.  Nearby countries have been warned to brace for a 'potential pandemic' as the virus continues to spill across the globe.