Man Masturbates in Kolkata Bus at Young Girl, Smiles Being Recorded; Video Went Viral
Man Masturbates in Kolkata Bus at Young Girl (Photo Credits: Priyanka Das/ Facebook)

In another gruesome act, a video of a man in Kolkata masturbating at young girls in a public bus surfaced on social media. One of the girl uploaded the video of the incident on Facebook today claiming that the bus was packed with passengers, but no one came forward to help her and her friend. While in the act, the man was laughing, giving infuriating expressions to the girl. In her post, she informed that the incident happened around 12:00 pm while she was returning home from an area named, Hedua in Kolkata.

‘No one helped,’ said the young girl. She screamed for help, but no one came to rescue her from such horrendous attention. Her Facebook status further revealed that similar event happened to her 15 days ago where the same man discomforted her with such shameful act and the girl was scared to revolt. But this time she urged for justice. The bus number is identified to be 30B/1, WB25C6638.

Here is the video of the man masturbating at the young girl in a public bus at Kolkata.

Soon, the video went viral. Within 2 hours, the video received more than 12 thousand (still counting) shares. And many users commented providing the contact details of Kolkata Police and urged to take legal action against this man. However, it is unclear if any complaint has been registered at the police station against this man.

In a recent case, similar incident happened at India’s capital city when a taekwondo teacher was arrested by the police on the charge of indulging in obscene act in front of a woman in South Delhi. Apart from many similar incidents reported in India our neighbours are also not behind in committing this shameful act, earlier in April a man in Pakistan was delighted to jerk off staring at a van of teenage girls in the middle of the road on his motorbike. Coming back to today’s incident, we only hope that the man soon gets arrested by the Kolkata Police before he commits some heinous crime.