Come Christmas and everyone is bursting with ideas to make their tree stand out amongst all. Adding more shine and bling to it, rather making it all blingy is the Christmas tree in Europe. Europe's most expensive Christmas tree is made by Munich gold dealer Pro Aurum with 2,018 gold coins topped with a golden star. The tree is worth 2.3 million euros or USD 2.6 million. At first impression, it may come across as the chocolates wrapped in gold and silver foils but they are real gold coins. This blingy tree will be displayed at Pro Aurum’s Munich Goldhaus until December 15. Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree 2018 Lights NYC: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Annual Event (View Pics).

According to the makers, the value of this tree could have even higher had the value of gold not declined in the second half of the year. The gold coins are placed on an acrylic stand and solid gold one-ounce Vienna Philharmonic coins is topped with massive 20-ounce coin. The total weight of the tree is 63 kilograms of pure gold. The Pro Aurum spokesperson Benjamin Summa told a news agency, "The Christmas tree is special because of its value. At the current rate that has a value of about 2.3 million euros (USD $2.6 million)." Christmas 2018: Decorated Pineapples Replace Christmas Trees This Holiday Season! (View Pics). 

Check The Picture of Europe's Most Expensive Christmas Tree Made by Pro Aurum

Watch Video: Making of Europe's Most Expensive Christmas Tree 

The entire tree is about three-metre high and took about an hour to be put together. Talking about the gold rates the spokesperson said, "We certainly had problems in the first half of the year. The gold rate was flat for months, there was no movement in the market and physical demand was relatively low. That has changed in the second half of the year, as we have seen a clear revival of the market."

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