Most Precious Gift This Christmas 2018: This Teacher Received Something From a Student Who Had 'Nothing to Give', Post Goes Viral
Student gives teacher a gift from school breakfast (Photo credits: Facebook and Pixabay)

The Christmas and New year is the holiday season and also the time of gifting. It is not only the Santa Claus who is coming with a bag full of gifts but family reunions, Christmas dinners are a time when a lot of people give and receive gifts. The tradition of gifting a little something to everyone is quite common and one of the school teachers has got such an amazing gift or rather a lesson this year. Rachel Uretsky-Pratt, an elementary school teacher posted a picture of one of the gifts that she received from her student and it is going viral on social media. Most of her students are not from a very well-to-do background. One of her students packed the marshmallow out of the breakfast that they are given and gifted it to the teacher, as she had nothing else to gift. Turkish Airlines' Pilot Surprises His Teacher Who Was Flying With Him; Watch Heartwarming Video. 

Uretsky-Pratt was more than impressed with the little girl. Around Christmas, most of the teachers give their students some gifts like books or treats and in return, the children sometimes give something back to the teachers. These children also get breakfast from the school every day and a low-price lunch. So a little girl who badly wanted to give something to her teacher, packed the marshmallows from the breakfast in the spoon and fork bag and gifted it to her. Touched by the gesture, she took to Facebook to share the incident with a lovely message. The post is indeed eye-opening and has been going viral for the right reasons. Stranger Gifts Kid His Own Parking Spot for His Little Bike & Twitter Calls It ‘The Most Adorable Random Act of Kindness Ever’. 

Check Out Teacher's Viral Post About a Gift From her Student for Christmas 

Kids unknowingly also give out some important messages like this one. This incident will definitely put things in perspective for those who have a lot and also for those who don't have much. Being grateful for whatever we owe is something that we should always remember, without cribbing for more. The teacher gave out this beautiful message from her post and it is indeed something positive to look ahead to the next year.