New Jersey Athlete Forced to Cut His Long Dreadlocks, Spark Racist Debates; Netizens Share the Importance of Their Hair
New Jersey Athlete Forced to Cut His Long Dreadlocks (Photo Credits: @MikeFrankelSNJ/ Twitter)

A video of a New Jersey wrestler who was forced to cut off his dreadlocks minutes before his match after a referee refused to let him complete with a helmet has drawn much anger on social media platforms. The clip which is going viral was tweeted by a local reporter which shows the Buena Regional High School wrestler identified as Andrew Johnson getting his long hair cut on the court-side. The sportsperson won the match but visibly appeared to be distraught with such a brutal act. Raged netizens are now sharing the importance of their hair and accused the referee of displaying racial bias. Ukraine’s Real-Life Rapunzel Hasn’t Cut Her 6-Foot-Long Blonde Hair in 28 Years, Shares Her Secret to Luscious Locks. 

“Hardest thing I’ve ever seen.. he is good now.. but that was brutal emotionally and physically,” Rose Santiago-Johnson, the mother of High School junior wrote on Facebook. The mom and her son have received full support from the viewers that include famous activists and celebrities. The young athlete was in a dual meet against Oakcrest High School in Hamilton. The referee identified as 62-year-old Alan Maloney in media outlets ordered him to cut his dreadlocks or forfeit because his hair was not in compliance with wrestling regulations. Curl Shaming: Bengaluru Girl Commits Suicide After Being Teased for 'Incomplete Hair Straightening Treatment'. 

Here Is the Video of the Brutal Act

According to the National Federation of State High Schools Associations Situation 17, natural hair that is non-abrasive is allowed but should be “contained in a legal hair cover.”

It was even reported that accused Maloney was previously involved in a racist argument over a homemade wine in 2016. Many on social media firmly noted that Johnson is black and the fact that he had to cut off his hair showcased obvious racist practices that are enacted towards black hairstyles.

Netizens Fumed in Anger.

Importance of Natural Hair.

Spiritual Connections.

A Writer Explains Why She Absolutely Loves Her Natural Hair.

This Is Violence!

Some Are Devastated.

Seeing the spewing results, the New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association directed the NJ Wrestling Officials Association that schools could ask Maloney not to referee at their matches. On the other hand, the school superintendent said in a letter to the community that they support and stand by all the student-athletes. Superintendent David Cappuccio stated that, “The student-athlete made the decision to have his hair cut, at that moment, in order to avoid a forfeiture of the match.” The incident is under investigation.