New York City Diners Find Pearl While Eating Oysters: Not One but Two Lucky Oyster Surprises This Month
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Food is great and best when it comes with a surprise-filled inside. No, we are not talking about any extra cheese or chocolates filled in your cupcakes here. But something entirely unusual for which you really got to be one lucky person! New York City is making headlines for surprising diners with pearls. Yes, in real. After a 66-year-old man who discovered a gem in his oyster reportedly, at Grand Central Oyster Bar, now it was a 29-year-old woman finding her own bivalve beauty. The discovery occurred at Williamsburg bar Maison Premiere, Brooklyn.  8 Superfoods That Will Make Your Hair Stronger, Longer and Healthier. 

Experts say that the chances of finding a pearl in an oyster is about 1 in 10,000. Identified as Kristin Pulaski by the New York Post, she initially thought the pea-sized object to be a screw. “My first thought was, ‘Is this like a screw or something in here?’ And I took it out and saw that it couldn’t have been anything else [but a pearl]. It was pearly white and round.” She was definitely shocked and even more when she came across to the earlier news of 66-year-old Rick Antosh finding the sea-object like her. McDonald's Introduces McAloo Tikki as a Vegan Burger in the US. 

When Pulaski took the pearl to get her prize appraised, she was a bit disappointed as it was not much, she was hoping. Antosh’s pearl was valued up to 4,000 dollars (over Rs. 2.8 lakhs). But in comparison, Pulaski’s was way less as one of pearl’s store owner, Eddy Livi who found the recent sea-object to be less shiny. “Natural pearls can be very valuable, but when they come in shapes that are imperfect like this and don’t have that sheen, it would only be worth about $200,” (Rs. 4,000 approximately) Livi explained.

But never mind! Since it has such a good story behind it, Pulaski has better plans. She might get it to a jeweller to make it into a statement piece. Meanwhile, Maison Premiere’s co-founder Joshua Boissy reported, “We’ve served over 4 million oysters, [and] this is the first time a pearl has ever been found.” So, easy the next time you decide on an oyster. You never know. You might swallow pearls.