New York Police Find Lost Engagement Ring, Twitter Helps Officers Track Down the Couple
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Remember the couple who lost their engagement ring during a marriage proposal in Times Square, NYC? Well, the couple had a fairy-tale ending. All credit goes to the New York Police Department who left no stone unturned in finding the ring that a man accidentally dropped through the sidewalk grate when her girlfriend said, ‘yes.’ After NYPD reported the mission to be accomplished, the couple who was a tourist had already left for the United Kingdom. The police department had put out all the details on Twitter along with the video in search of the couple. The tremendous shares and comments, the officers could track the couple down. New York Police Is Looking for Couple Who Lost Engagement Ring During Proposal at Times Square. 

In the video, the man can be seen dropped to his belly to peep through the grate as the woman bent beside him. It was surely not a happy sight. The video is now viral. While all this was happening, the groom-to-be who is unknown about the search going so viral was already convinced that it was gone for good. Hence, he went to a nearby store and bought a second ring.

Here's the video shared by NYPD in search of the couple. 

“We’re absolutely ecstatic,” the man identified as Mr Drenman told the New York Times. “We just cannot believe it,” he added. He further said that the couple did not file a police report because they never believed the ring would be found. The couple further reported to return the newer ring and have the initial one re-sized so that it never slips. They even plan to visit New York and thank the NYPD officers who went “above and beyond” to save it. The couple will get married in 2020.