Optical Illusion Hand Trick Is the New Viral Challenge on TikTok and People Are Really Confused About How to Do It! Check Videos
Optical Illusion Hand Trick (Photo Credits: @ToriPareno/ Twitter)

TikTok always comes up with something new that enthrals the internet. And now the video-sharing app unveils some insane challenges that are making the people go crazy over it. The recent one being the ‘optical illusion hand trick’ that is sweeping the internet, and it is really really confusing. A 19-year-old Tori Pareno has gone viral for her mind-blowing hand swap illusion. The challenge involves intertwining your hands before breaking them apart. How the heck do you do it? Well, you will have to carefully watch Tori and observe trick and try it, like a hundred times maybe, for the result. People are incredibly puzzled about how is she doing it. While a few have amazingly braced the skill, others are totally intertwined in the process. The videos of the challenge have gone viral online. Optical Illusion Viral Video of People Leaving San Siro Football Stadium in AC Milan Has Left Twitter Tripping; Check Out Why!

At the time of writing this, Tori’s video has received more than six million times on Twitter alone, and the number is seemingly increasing. She captioned the clip stating, “here’s something trippy for your night.” It is trippy AF! For those who watched, you must be scratching your head for sure. Some people are referring the trick to ‘sorcery’ and ‘witchcraft.’ Nonetheless, many users on TikTok and Twitter have been sharing videos of themselves, giving the method a go. Optical Illusion Baffles Internet! Viral Image That Looks Like a Beach Is Actually a Broken Car Door. 

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According to Metro, a variation of the challenge first surfaced online in August 2018 by a Twitter user @kay_dera posted a video of her performing a similar hand movement. At the time, it was viewed millions of times and attracted the twitterverse. If you have not tried it yet, watch the video and practise to ace the skill!