Pakistani Singer Rabi Pirzada Threatens PM Narendra Modi With Suicide Attack, Shares Picture With Bomb Jacket (Watch Pic)
Rabi Pirzada. (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Lahore, October 23: After threatening to unleash reptiles on Prime Minister Narendra Modi over abrogation of Article 370 in Kashmir, Pakistani pop singer Rabi Pirzada is now warning him with a suicide attack. On Tuesday, Pirzada posted on Twitter a photo of herself donning what appeared to be a suicide jacket with a caption that again warned Modi over Kashmir. "#ModiHitler i just wish huh. #kashmirkibeti," she wrote as caption to the photo.

The post sparked outrage on the social media, with many users reprimanding the Lahore-based singer for using the platform irresponsibly and projecting a bad image of Pakistan to the world. Last month, Pirzada had posted a 15-second clip on Twitter posing with a few snakes and alligators and threatened to unleash the reptiles on PM Modi for what he was doing to Kashmir. Pakistani Singer-Cum-Actress Rabi Pirzada Plays With Snakes and Crocodile, Warns Reptile Attack Against Indians and PM Narendra Modi for Abrogation of Article 370; Watch Video.

Rabi Pirzada's Tweet

The Punjab Wildlife Protection and Parks Department initiated action against Pirzada for violating the Wildlife Act by keeping wild animals as pets. A court in Lahore also issued an arrest warrant against her.