We don’t know where and how to even begin! For starters, three men created pink tampon disposal gloves for women. Let that sink in first. The German men behind Pink Gloves are being dragged on social media for what many are calling female body-shaming and period-shaming concepts. The product is intended to prevent people from getting menstrual blood on their hands while removing tampons or other period products. Really? The invention did not go well with women on social media, who went on accusing the men of ‘mansplaining’ periods and contributing to the discourse that periods are dirty, shameful and must be hidden.

Many myths already surround menstruation, and that period blood is dirty is one of them. While women continue to battle the taboos associated with periods, men like these so-called entrepreneurs are a reminder of how little knowledge society has about menstruation. It’s no rocket science to dispose of tampons—you pull the string, wrap it in tissue and stick it in the bin. That’s it! According to reports, the men claimed that they created the product after speaking to female housemates about the challenges of disposing of tampons.

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Dr Jennifer Gunter shared screenshots, the texts translated from German. The posts explain that two of the founders met in the army before moving into women’s flat, where they noticed that “there seems to be no good solution when it comes to disposal of tampons.” This is how they come up with a “solution.” Man Compares Menstrual Cramps With Ankle Twist in Viral Tweet, Netizens Asks Him to Shut the F**k Up. 

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Social media users are mad, and the three men are blasted. ‘Pinky Gloves’ continue to trend online, with netizens criticising the product and the men behind it.

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After receiving the backlash, Pinky Gloves issued a statement on Instagram, where they apologised for their ‘big mistake,’ noting that the feedback is taken seriously. There is sure a lot to learn. But first of all, the product is not really needed, and it highly stigmatizes people who menstruate.

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