Men should stop giving their opinion on something that they will never experience. We are not generalising it, but most of them come out with such ridiculous mansplanations that piss us off. Notably, about periods and childbirth! No matter how woke a man is, these particular physical experiences that women go through, even the most empathetic men will never truly understand. For instance, a Twitter user is facing backlash, for all right reasons, as apparently, he thought period pain is nothing if compared to an ankle twist. And he dared to ask girls if menstruation cramp is even close to the suffering of one ankle twist. Naturally, Twitterati lost their mind and asked him instead shut the f**k up! Stefan Molyneux Tells Women to Get Married Young and Have Babies in a Viral Tweet. 

Sharing the image of a twisted ankle, Twitter user @Datguyserious writes, “Girls wana be talking bout period pains. Have you ever rolled your ankle over like this?” Boy, if both of your ankles twisted at the same time, the pain will not even be close to the menstruation cramp that women experience every month. And in that case, you can imagine being a female athlete, model, actress, journalists and every other profession that women are excelling. In response to his ridiculous question, women and men too, across the internet did not hesitate to put him in his place. The Twitter user received a massive flow backlash, and his tweet of comparison between period pain and ankle twist has gone viral. Beat Period Pain and Cramps With Fennel Seeds. 

Here's the Tweet:

Twitterati School Him:

Yes, Forever!



Ankle Genius!

You Want to Know More, Sir?


Just FYI!

Why do you even try? Period pain can result in more than only irritating cramps for a number of days (mostly seven) straight, every month. Many women suffer from dysmenorrhea which results in incapacitating periods. Again some experience polycystic ovary syndrome (more commonly known as PCOS) which affects women in several ways. It can impact the skin, hair growth, fertility and periods. Menstrual cramps are caused by an excess of prostaglandins (compounds that are released from the uterine lining). They are a necessary part of the process, but they cause excessive pain. So, no uterus, no opinion!

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