Poha Jokes Go Viral on Twitter After BJP Leader Kailash Vijayvargia Doubts Nationality of Construction Workers for Eating Flattened Rice (Check Funny Tweets)
Poha Jokes Go Viral (Photo Credits: Twitter)

Poha, the most sorted breakfast that we Indians vouch for is trending on Twitter. No not for its delicious taste, but the flattened rice is now defining your nationality. Turns out eating poha can make you anti-national. Yes, just when you thought the definition was only limited to meat-eaters, BJP leader, Kailash Vijayvargia has taken it to another level. Vijayvargia was recently quoted saying that he doubted there were some Bangladeshis among construction labourers, working at his house recently. How he identified them? Well, they were ‘only’ eating poha. The minister’s statement was not welcomed by Twitterati. And here enters, Poha jokes! Since morning, ‘Poha’ is going viral on Twitter as netizens share funny tweets in respond to Vijayvargia’s statement.

Vijayvargia raised the suspicion at a seminar being held in Indore in support of the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA). He suspected the nationality of the construction workers by their “eating habits.” The BJP leader was quoted in reports as saying, “I suspected these workers were residents of Bangladesh. Two days after I became suspicious, they stopped working at my house. I have not filed any police complaint yet. I only mentioned this incident to warn people.”

Here's What Vijayvargia Said:

The BJP leader’s statement went viral on social media. Twitter erupted with responses trolling the minister for judging the labourer’s nationality based on their eating habits. People pointed out how poha is a staple breakfast for many Indians, and it is cheap and filling, and daily wage labourers can afford that.

Funny Tweets in Response to Vijayvargia's Statement:



Oh, It Does!

So Simple!


And So Many of Us:

Note the Health Benefits:

The above suspicion has come after the recently enacted CAA and NRC. The former gives citizenship to Hindu, Sikh, Parsi, Buddhist and Christian immigrants from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh, who have lived in India without documentation. And the later, NRC seeks the prove of Indian citizenship. Vijayvargia’s statement came in support of CAA as he stressed that the act is in the interest of the country amid the ongoing mass protest against the act and NRC.