Social media is an amazing place at times. If all the false claims, trolls and online hatred are taken away, the internet has the best things to deliver to its users. Especially, when it comes to the adorable videos of animals. A few days ago, the netizens were thrilled to see an adorable dog’s loyalty who would wait for her owner every day, outside a hospital, until finally reunited. The clip filled our hearts with joy. Now there is another purr-fect or rather unusual sight—a kitten feeding on milk from a nursing dog. The way the little furball presses its paws for more will delight you. The video has gone viral, and the adorable sight from Nigeria will surely take your Monday blues away.

Social media is filled with adorable videos of dogs and cats. In 2018, a video of a pet dog and cat showering their love for each other that received tremendous love from the internet world. Much like it, the latest clip, uploaded by Reuters’ official Twitter account is making people smile. The tiny kitten can be seen feeding on milk from the dog, gently pressing with its paws for more.

The short video starts with people of the Nigerian village surrounding the animals, with a few recording the unique scene. The pooch was lying on the ground peacefully as the kitten drinks milk. Netizens are truly amazed. Pet Dog Treats Pale Stray Cat With Home-Cooked Food! 

Watch the Viral Video:

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Isn’t it cute? The adorable video of this unique bond has truly delighted everyone. The sight is so peaceful and adorable that it has the power to take away all your worries, at least for those seconds.

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