Qatar Airways' Aircraft Leaves Behind a Natural Rainbow Trail in Germany Skies During June Pride; Stunning Pictures Go Viral
Qatar Airways (Photo Credits: Wikipedia)

Photo of a Qatar Airways plane leaving an incredible trail of colours in the skies of Bamberg in Germany has gone viral on social media. In the photo, the plane appears to be oozing a rainbow of colours into the air leaving a mark as it flies away. The photo comes during June Pride which marks the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots, an important month for the LGBTQ community. The stunning sight was captured on camera by German photographer Nick Beyersdorf. The 20-year-old was in his back garden with his mother when the plane flew past them 26,000 ft above. While the photo may look like a great work of photoshop, it is not. The occurrence is a natural phenomenon and is called the rainbow contrail. Stunning Green-Coloured Meteor Flash Brightens Up Florida Night Skies, Video Goes Viral.

Nick who is into air photography has been plane spotting since the past five years. Talking about response to the picture, he said that he was "overwhelmed and speechless" after capturing "the contrail reflecting the light perfectly to contrail reflecting the light perfectly to create the rainbow effect". Daily Mail quoted him as saying, "This is hands down the best picture I've taken in this year and I think nothing will beat it." He added, "Due to the atmospheric conditions it was producing a contrail that started from the wings. And due to the sun's angle, the contrail reflected the light perfectly to create a rainbow effect. It is just awesome that 600 tons of aluminium can fly that high above you."

Check out the pictures below:

He further said, "I was in the garden with my mother and I got my camera with me because I saw a Qatar Airways plane appearing over the neighbour's house. And I saw that it had an interesting contrail behind it. It wasn't starting like normal contrails from the engines but from the wings. So I took quite a few pictures. Due to the angle of the sun, the contrail started to get rainbow colours. I adjusted the settings of the camera slightly to make sure I could get the best shot. Then I saw that there were big condensation clouds from the wings and I took a lot more pictures."

A normal contrail is made of ice particles due to the freezing temperatures at high altitude. It is a line of cloud produced mainly due to the jet exhaust of an aircraft as it travels at high speed through the sky. The condensation trail is formed when some of the water vapour which is emitted from the engine and the ones in the air begins to condense and freeze in the air. When a control forms near the sun it reflects the light from sunrays giving out colourful rays of light. The colourful cloud then scatters the light showing a rainbow.