Stunning Green-Coloured Meteor Flash Brightens Up Florida Night Skies, Video Goes Viral
Meteor spotted in Florida skies (Photo Credits: EVE Pro Guides YouTube)

A green coloured meteor brightened up the skies over north Florida and south Georgia on Saturday. The National Weather Service Tallahassee office took to Twitter saying that the meteor was reported around 11:52 pm. As per reports, the flash from the meteor was so bright that weather satellites that track lightning and thunderstorms could record it. The National Weather Service in Charleston said that a mapping tool "detected the released light from the suspected fireball" about 56km east of Tallahassee.

Reportedly, the meteor broke up into small pieces in the sky and was later not found. Soon, Twitter users began sharing videos of the meteor they capturing. Posting dashcam footage of the meteor in the sky, a Twitter user wrote, "Can Somebody Explain This?" 'Flaming Orange' Meteor Spotted in Skies Above Adelaide in Australia (Watch Video)

Here is the tweet:

According to CNN, it is not clear if the meteor hit Earth, but the National Weather Service said that the meteor landed near Perry, Florida. Tweeting a video of the meteor flashing, National Weather Service Tallahassee wrote, "Did you see it? A meteor was caught on GOES Lightning Mapper (GLM) around 3:52Z or 11:52 PM ET!" California Sky Witnesses a Mysterious Light; NASA Confirms It to Be a Meteor (See Viral Photos & Videos)

Here is the tweet:

Check out how the meteor flashlights captured from different places below look like:

Peter Hoeflich, an astrophysics professor at Florida State University told Tallahassee Democrat said that it is common for meteors and other materials from space to hit Earth on a daily basis. However, it is unusual that so many people witnessed the dramatic event. Prior to the flash on Saturday, meteor sightings were reported across the southeast on Friday. The American Meteor Society says more than 150 reports were recorded in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. The National Weather Service in Tallahassee said that as per preliminary reports, it landed near Perry.