Rajasthan: Old Man Says Owls Can Cure Coronavirus, Apologises and Advises People to Stay Home After Being Confronted by Police (Watch Funny Video)
Coronavirus cure in owls (Photo Credits: Video Grab)

The spread of Coronavirus has created a tense environment all over the world. While everyone in the world is hoping for a cure soon, there are no specific medicines or vaccination against the deadly COVID 19. A video of an elderly man from Rajasthan is going viral, as he suggests the cure is in an owl (ullu)! But the twist in his narrative comes after, he is confronted by the police officials. He then admits to lying, apologises and advises people to stay home. A video of his narrative before and after meeting with the police is now going viral on social media. Coronavirus Can be Cured by Inhaling Hot Water Steam? PIB Fact Check Debunks Fake News.

As doctors everywhere in the country are working hard to battle the situation, the police are ensuring that people are abiding by the rules, and there is no rumour-mongering. But an elderly man from Rajasthan was captured on video saying, the cure of the deadly disease lies in a superstition practice involving owls. He says, the medicines and injections won't cure anyone of Coronavirus, but one must get an ullu, ie an owl. The person should move his hands over the owl and then over the patient, the disease will then be cured! He even says it is a tried method that owls will cure coronavirus. After the video went viral, police confronted him and his entire narrative changed. He apologises and admits to lying and even advises people to stay at home to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. The video is indeed funny and is going viral on social media.

Watch the Viral Video Here:

While the video is funny, it also serves an important reminder that do not believe in any news about the cures regarding COVID 19. As of now, there is no definite cure and vaccination against Coronavirus. If you see someone engaging in passing along fake news even unknowingly, do bring it to their notice. Coming to the cases in the state, there as of April 2, there were 129 confirmed COVID 19 patients.