Shark Swallowed by Another Massive Fish in This Video is Shocking!
The shark was eaten by goliath grouper fish (Photo credits: Video grab)

Sharks are one among the big, scary creatures in the ocean. The predators are most definitively dangerous and can you imagine another fish devouring them? Well, something similarly shocking was encountered by fishermen of the Everglades Fishing Company in Florida. A goliath grouper fish literally swooped and swallowed a 3-foot long shark in a go! The entire incident left the fishermen in a shock and they had to wrestle with the goliath grouper before it released out the shark. The entire incident was captured on a video. Looking For Perfect Instagram Picture? Model Gets Shark Bites While Photoshoot.

The shark was caught in a fishing line by the fishermen and before they could reel it out, a goliath grouper, approximately 500-pounds attacked with a swoop! The fishermen were left in shock for some time. The video was captured by the tour guide Jimmy Wheeler.

Check out the shocking video of Shark being swallowed by Goliath Grouper fish:

The incredible capture has garnered many views and shares from the time it was shared on social media. It has over 70,000 plus views from the time that it has been uploaded and the comments The fishermen then had to struggle with the line until the fish let go of his catch. They wrestled with the fishing line for a few minutes, until it loosened and the goliath grouper left the grip and spit out the shark. The goliath groupers are a protected species in the waters of Florida since the year 1990. They are known as the garbage disposals of the sea since they eat everything, even if it means large sharks.