Jasmine Orlando, aka Shawty Bae, is a popular TikToker and an OnlyFans model. The Houston-based Latina content creator is currently in the limelight for an OnlyFans bathtub leaked video that features her in it. While technology is a bane, it also has its negatives, as can be seen in the recent increase in leaked videos online. A leaked video of Shawty Bae fully exposed is going viral on X. The video has also been posted on other social media platforms, like Facebook. The 21-year-old, who has been diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy, initially gained fame online for being an inspiring internet personality. Shawty Bae garnered millions of followers for her videos in which she talks about her experience of living with Bell’s Palsy, helped spread awareness about it, and reached out to those who suffer from Bell’s Palsy. However, recently, Shawty Bae has been at the centre of a negative incident featuring the OnlyFans model fully exposed in a bathtub. Sophie Rain Doesn’t Want Her Mother To Find Out ‘Sophie Rain Spiderman Video,’ Flaunts Smooth Dance Moves to 'Distract' Mom in Fun Reel.

What Is Shawty Bae’s OnlyFans Bathtub Leaked Video About?

Shawty Bae, a TikToker and OnlyFans model who initially gained fame for her inspiring content, received backlash and criticism for a leaked video featuring her in an NSFW moment in a bathtub. In the now viral video, Shawty Bae is seen standing completely exposed in a bathtub while replying to comments in a chat. It has been alleged that the video doing the rounds on social media is a recording of her live stream done on her OnlyFans account. An unknown X user posted the video on the social media platform, which has now garnered millions of views. The same video was also leaked onto other social media platforms, like Facebook. Netizens who saw the video requested to stop sharing and reposting the video. However, the leaked video is still going viral on social media platforms. Due to its NSFW nature, the video has not been added here. Sophie Rain Spiderman Video Tutorial: As 'How To Watch Sophie Rain Spiderman Video TikTok' Searches Trend, Know About This Alleged XXX Leaked Video Online Controversy.

Netizens React to Shawty Bae's Leaked Video

Viral Shawty Bae Leaked Bathtub Video

The viral video spread on various social media platforms before it could be deleted by moderators. Since being uploaded online, the video has garnered all kinds of reactions and memes too. At present, Shawty Bae has not reacted to the viral video or replied to any comments.

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