Are you an introvert? Then a recent Twitter trend will have you jumping in joy! No, we are not kidding as it is highly relatable. It is discussing the stupid questions introverts get asked time and again. "Tell me about yourself" or "Why don't you talk" are some really daunting questions for an introvert person. And those who are introverts are sharing funny GIF images and memes to describe themselves in such situations. The Twitter trend #StupidQuestionsForIntroverts is going viral and has got some of the funniest reactions. People Are Describing Their Sex Life Using GIFs on Twitter and The Results are Hilarious!

It is not really clear who started it out, but it is sure a uniting platform for all introverts. Not everyone understands them and they often get pushed into conversations or social outings. They enjoy their own company more and prefer being aloof. There is nothing wrong in being an introvert and thus they are often posed with questions that come across as stupid. The Twitter trend is discussing the same thing. #MyMentalHealthIn3Words Trends on Twitter as Netizens Explain State of Their Mental Well Being Via Funny Memes and Tweets!

Check Some of The Funny GIFs and Memes:

Plans Cancelled? Yay!


Let's Keep it to Emails 

Can You Relate?

Because, We Act!


Stop Asking This!

Every few days we have these fun trends coming up on Twitter and this is one of them. A lot of people who are introverts are feeling comfortable with the trend and are happy to know they are not the only ones who have to go through these questions, time and again.

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