Teacher Fired For Refusing To Call Transgender Student By Male Pronouns
Representational Image (Photo credits: Pixabay)

A high school teacher was fired for being insensitive towards a transgender student and refusing to use male pronouns. The West Point Public Schools board, in West Point, Virginia voted to remove Peter Flaming who used his strong religious beliefs against a transgender student. He refused to address a transgender student with a male pronoun and covered his error as a slip-up. School administrators, principal and assistant principals along with the students testified for the case in a public setting. The board made a decision to remove the teacher after repeated complaints. Is Santa Real? US Teacher Loses Her Job Ahead of Christmas For Telling Children The Truth About Santa Claus.

Vlaming was teaching in the school for 7 years and on Thursday's hearing, he expressed that he loved his students and respects their rights. The transgender student's parents had met with the assistant principal of the school to inform about their child's transition. She then had individually met with the teachers to convey about the change. The child transforming into a transgender wanted to be addressed with a male pronoun. But Vlaming wasn't convinced. Japanese University to Accept Transgender Students from 2020.

Talking about Vlaming's stance on the transgender student, School Principal Jonathan Hochman told the board, Vlaming would refuse to use male pronouns and even told the principal, "I like the student and miss the female version of the student." The principal even asked Vlaming to use male pronouns otherwise he was in violation of school policy. After his termination though, Vlaming expressed that he would like to continue teaching and the reason he was being asked to quit was "absurd."

The board member reconsidered his case and asked if we will use male pronouns for the transgender student, to which Vlaming said, "I’m happy to use the new name, I’m happy to avoid the pronouns that offend. I am not happy to use male pronouns for a female." He added that he will not use male pronouns. The board then decided that it will be best to fire him.