Is Santa Real? US Teacher Loses Her Job Ahead of Christmas For Telling Children The Truth About Santa Claus
Santa Claus truth revealed by teacher cost a teacher her job (Photo credits: Pixabay)

As the month of December starts, the Christmasy feels start taking over everyone. There is a certain joy about the ongoing winter along with the prepping up towards the year ending party season. And how can one forget the excitement around Santa Claus? Children especially wait all year long to get gifts from Santa Claus and their happiness knows no bounds on seeing a Santa figure. But it is a difficult thing to counter them the truth about him. A teacher in the US had to face the hard way when she told the kids about Santa Claus not being a real thing. A teacher from New Jersey lost her job when she told a class of 6-7 years old that Santa Claus doesn't exist. Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree 2018 Lights NYC: Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Annual Event (View Pics). 

The teacher probably was on a mission to bust the myths created about the popular characters around festivals. So she had also spoken to the kids about Easter Bunny and the tooth fairy, a week before. The first-grade students at Cedar Hills School in the northern-eastern US were visibly upset with the reality being presented to them and it has cost the teacher her job. The school principal even sent a letter to the parents of the children apologising for the teacher's way of teaching. Christmas 2018 Trends: Beard Lights For Men Brightens Up The Holiday Season.

The teacher has been asked to leave not just the school but also the district as confirmed by the Rene Rovtar, superintendent of schools. A parent of a 6-year-old child revealed that her daughter was extremely upset by hearing the teacher's words. The way the teacher put out the facts may have been extremely rude and affected the younger minds. It is not yet clear if she chose to leave the district or was told to.