Texas Boy Arrested For Spitting Into Bottle of Arizona Tea and Putting It Back on Shelf After Video Went Viral
Teen Texas boy, arrested after spitting into bottle of Arizona Tea and putting it back on shelf (Photo Credits: Twitter and WikiCommons)

Recently a gross trend of spitting, licking or contaminating edible products from grocery stores and putting them back on shelves was going viral. Teens were caught licking ice-cream tubs off grocery store and spitting into sweet tea bottles and making it worse by putting them back on shelves. One of these teens was a 15-year-old Texas boy who spat into a bottle of Arizona sweet tea and put it back on the shelf- the video of which had gone viral. He said he did that because the Arizona tea "was gross", however, he is now arrested and has been charged with tampering with a consumer product which is a second-degree felony, as per Daily Mail. This comes just after the arrest of a female teen who was filmed licking ice cream from a tub of Blue Bell and putting it back at a Walmart store in Texas. After Ice Cream Licking Girl, Another Walmart Shopper Spits Mouthwash Back Into the Bottle, Disgusting Video Goes Viral.

The video of the man that had gone viral showed him spitting into the sweet tea and leaving the aisle hurriedly. The video was highly criticised online and people called the act disgusting and monstrous. Viral Video of Man Spitting Into Arizona Sweet Tea at a Grocery Store and Putting It Back Is Disgusting Netizens.

Take a look at the video of the man spitting into Arizona tea:

The other similar act from texas itself showed a juvenile girl, licking a Blue Bell Creameries ice cream from a tub and keeping it back at the Walmart freezer. Both cases from Texas made people online extremely furious.

Watch Viral Video of the Girl Licking Blue Bell Ice Cream:

The girl was ultimately caught by the Lufkin Police and Fire department who informed the girl to be a 17-year-old from San Antonio. According to the Texas law, anyone under age 17 is considered a juvenile and hence her identity is protected.