06 Jan, 21:17 (IST)

An adorable video of a little pup riding on a bike with its owner has gone viral on s social media platforms.

Watch The Video Below:

06 Jan, 20:21 (IST)

A Twitter thread has compared actor Will Graham in varying poses and emotions to different cats. It is quite funny and hilarious.Check Out the Twitter Thread Below:

06 Jan, 18:48 (IST)

A bird visited a skydiver during a flight, sat on his hand and then flew away.Check the Video Here:

Bird stops by to visit a skydiver from r/nextfuckinglevel

06 Jan, 17:43 (IST)

A hair-raising video clip of two snakes fighting with one another in Australian conservatory has been shared online.Check it Here:

06 Jan, 16:30 (IST)

Video of a father holding his daughter while the nurse pretends to give him an injection to reduce her fear of injections goes viral. Watch:

Dad gets (pretend) vaccinated first so daughter is less scared from r/MadeMeSmile

06 Jan, 16:28 (IST)

A rare white sparrow has been discovered in Cornwall. View Pic:

06 Jan, 16:26 (IST)
An adorable video of a doggo staring at her human’s furry dog-shaped slippers goes viral. Watch:
06 Jan, 11:54 (IST)

WhatsApp is updating its terms and privacy policy and the notification has been sent to both Android and iOS users. The notification has sparked meme-fest on Twitter.Check Tweets:

06 Jan, 10:54 (IST)

On the day of Marathi Patrakar Din 2021, also known as Journalist Day, neizens are sharing wishes, powerful messages and images, honouring the birth anniversary of Jambhekar whose noble work is significantly appreciated.Check Tweet:

06 Jan, 09:27 (IST)

Fans of K-Pop boy band, GOT7 are flooding Twitter with beautiful and meaningful messages, and they are all for Lim Jae-Beom, aka JB.Check Tweets:

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Good morning everyone. It's a beautiful morning outside and people have taken to social media platforms writing their new thoughts and ideas. Some are also posting their inspirational quotes and motivational thoughts using the hashtags #WednesdayMotivation and #WednesdayThoughts. People are also sharing funny tweets, hilarious GIFs, latest Facebook posts and tweets on social media. And as the day progresses, we promise to keep you updated with everything happening on the platforms. January 6 marks various festivals and events across countries also. Stay tuned with the blog to be updated on everything trending on the internet.

It marks Feast of the Epiphany or Three Kings Day, Epiphany is a Christian feast day that celebrates the revelation of God incarnate as Jesus Christ. It marks National Bean Day in the United States celebrating different types of beans and pulses. National Cuddle Up Day is observed annually on January 6. It is coldest days of the year, hence to stay warm the day is celebrated. Also, the health benefits of cuddling are observed on the day. World Day of War Orphans is marked on January 6. The day aims to spread awareness and address the problems faced by war orphans or children in conflict.

Meanwhile, as COVID-19 continues to pose a threat it is important that you maintain hygienic practices. Ensure you follow social distancing, wear facemasks and wash hands regularly. While markets have opened up, trave safely, especially during festivals and other celebrations. We wish you a Happy Wednesday and a great week ahead. Stay happy and healthy.