Turkish Man Tries to Stop a Patio Umbrella From Flying in Strong Wind; It Flies With Him! (Watch Video)
Turkish man being blown up in wind (Photo Credits: euronews (in English) YouTube)

Video of a man being lifted up in the air sitting on a patio umbrella has gone viral on social media. The incident happened in the town of Kadirli located in southern Turkey's Osmaniye province where a strong wind lifted things from the ground. The clip which is being shared widely on social media shows several men who were working at a local market trying to stop the patio from flying, however, it gets lifted up.

Trying to stop the umbrella, a Turkish man named Sadık Kocadallı climbed on the patio as other men tried to hold it to the ground, but could not. Narrating the incident, Sadık said, "We were working and the wind picked up. When the wind got stronger I noticed the umbrella moving so I tried to save it from flying away by stepping on it. And when I stepped on it, it lifted." Violent Windstorm Sends Porta Potties up in the Air, Spew its Contents on the Crowd; Watch Viral Video of Shit Storm!

The CCTV footage also shows the wind stumbling down things stacked up next to a shop in the market. People can be trying to save their belongings, however, the wind gains strength and further flies things to the air. An umbrella behind them can also be seen being blow away by the wind. American Grandmother Posing on Iceberg Tossed by The Wind to Sea; Her 'Misadventure' Pictures Go Viral.

Watch the viral video below:

Sadık flew a few metres high and fortunately landed safely on the ground. He was quoted as saying, "I'm fine actually. After I realized the umbrella was going to keep going up, I jumped off. I think I rose 3 or 4 meters. The umbrella hit a pole and fell back down." While Sadik is unhurt, the patio fell on a man standing on the ground injuring him.