Viral Photo Shows Back or Neck of Person? Optical Illusion Confuses Social Media Users
Viral Photo- Back or Neck (Photo Credits: @LilMaarty Twitter)

Different optical illusions have often gone viral on social media demanding the attention of internet users. The latest one that has kept people scratching their heads is that of the photo which looks like the head of a person with frizzy hair, but you can also see it like the back of a girl with long frizzy hair. People aren't sure if it is the neck of a person or back of a girl.

Rapper Marty Mula was the first to share the photo on Twitter startling his fans and followers. Soon the tweet viral with hundreds of people commenting of it. He tweeted the photo saying, "Why tf I thought this was her neck." The tweet has over 70,000 likes and more than 32,000 retweets. While some initially commented saying it was somebody's neck, later most said it looked like a girl's back. Make-Up Artist Mirjana Kika Milosevic Makes Her Head Disappear in Optical Body Illusion (Watch Spooky Video)

Here is the tweet:

One user commented saying, "Lmao I seen a neck and damaged hair." Meanwhile, some people thought looking at it for longer duration only made them confused. A comment reads, "Lol, I see the back for like two seconds and then go right back to seeing it as neck. Imma stop looking." Another one says, "Literally stared at this for a min like if this ain't a neck then what is IT?!"

A similar photo that divided netizens was one which looked like a beach or door image. The blue or white dress, green or pink sneakers were all part of this game, that was shared massively on different networking platforms. What do see in the photo? Do let us know in the comment section below.