Viral Video of Camel Inside Car after a Horrific Accident is Not From Jodhpur, Rajasthan! It is From an Unfortunate Accident in Jordan
Stills from the viral accident video | (Photo Credits: YouTube Screengrab)

New Delhi, July 14: Social media is abuzz with a clip of a heart-wrenching accident in which a car dashes into a camel in full-speed, leading to the animal getting pierced inside the vehicle. Along with the video of the fatal accident, a note is being forwarded claiming that the mishap was captured live in Jodhpur, Rajasthan.

However, a fact check has revealed that the video is not of Jodhpur, but it has been captured in the southern part of Jordan, a Middle East nation located in Levantine belt. Readers are therefore recommended to bust the fake news being spread alongside the dated footage.

Here is the clip going viral on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter. Viewer's discretion is advised as the video is graphic!

The fake news of accident going viral on social media comes in the backdrop of the government appealing WhatsApp and other platforms to imbibe mechanisms which could curb the spread of rumours.

The Ministry of Information and Technology, headed by Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad, wrote to the WhatsApp top brass, demanding immediate measures to prevent the spread of rumours which have caused consequences in India. Most recently, a clip from a Pakistani public awareness campaign was used on social media to allege a child-lifting racket is operating in the rural parts of India. The hoax message led to the lynching of 29 suspects across the nation.