Viral Video of Dad Dragging Daughter through Washington Dulles Airport is ‘Relatable’ Say Parents on the Internet
Dad drags daughter at the Washington Dulles Airport. (Photo Credits: YouTube/ ViralHog)

Kids and airports don't go very well together. Children either look bored or extremely worked up in flights and airports and the parents usually face the brunt of this. You wouldn't know if you don't have kids, however, a recent video going viral on the internet will show you what exactly it is like to have moody kids at the airport. A video featuring a dad-daughter duo is going viral on the internet. This dad was filmed dragging his daughter by her hood through Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia on New Year's Day. The father looks both tired and fed up of something and he can be seen dragging his daughter through the airport, probably to board the flight. He looks like he knows what he is doing and can be seen pulling his daughter by her pink jacket hood. Bride Dances With Her Dying Father on Her Wedding Day, The Viral Video Will Make You Cry.

Before you jump into conclusions quickly, the little girl did not appear to be unruly or being forced. A traveller captured the hilarious scene captured a real father-daughter scene at the airport. The fellow traveller mentioned that a girl who seemed like to be girl's sister also walked a few feet behind her and was carrying a suitcase and two backpacks. The videographer wrote: "I was waiting at Dulles International Airport to pick up my girlfriend on New Year’s Day when I noticed this father literally dragging his daughter through the airport by the hood of her jacket. She wasn’t screaming or anything, just hanging out while another girl, presumably her sister, was walking 20 feet behind her out of embarrassment."

Take a look at the video of the father dragging his daughter through Washington Dulles International Airport in Virginia.

The dad has since been loved and praised online. "Sometimes kids just don’t listen to reason. Gotta do what ya gotta do when dealing with stubborn humans. No harm done here!" Someone said, "Dad level 9000" Other people suggested, "give this man a medal." Another YouTube user commented, "Anyone with toddlers can understand this."