Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018 Winner: Marsel van Oosten Wins The Title For Picture of Two Gazing Golden Monkeys With Blue Faces
The winning image of Wildlife Photographer of the Year (Photo credits: Twitter/NHM_WPY)

Photography is an art and one has to be really patient with it, especially if the subject is in the wild! There are several photographers out there who struggle to get the perfect shot of the animals, some risking their lives to capture the exact frame. Recently the winners of Wildlife Photographer of the Year Awards were announced at the Natural History Museum in London. Marsel van Oosten won the award for the Best Wildlife Photographer of the Year for his image of two gazing monkeys staring into the jungle. The picture was clicked at China's Qinling Mountains. Drone Awards 2018: 'Above the Polar Bear' & Other Winning Photographs will Leave You Mesmerised. 

Showcasing the best of nature photography, the event has some stunning displays of animal behaviour in their natural environment. It also gives a peek into the biodiversity of this planet with all the pictures from different faces of nature. The winners' picture also had a story to tell. Oosten followed the troop of monkeys for several days to understand their behaviour. He wanted to show the beautiful blue face of these species and his efforts paid off when he captured two of the monkeys. These Penguins in Antarctica Taking Selfie on Camera Reminds us of Monkey Who Did The Same. 

Watch the Winning Picture of The Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018

Talking about winning the honour Marsel was quoted to BBC, "I am happy that it is with this particular image because it is an endangered species and one that very few people even know exists and it is important that we realise that there are a lot of species on this planet that are under threat."

The second winner of this event titled Young Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2018 went to 16-year-old Skye Meaker for his intimate portrait of a leopard.

There were over 45,000 entries from across 95 countries for this competition. The Wildlife Photographer of the Year is a prestigious competition held from many years in London.