The internet has a collection of videos of people doing the most unpredictable or random things. And some of these videos make you wonder, "Why, why would someone do that?" But then they serve the larger purpose of entertainment, like this YouTuber named Tasty Hoon who thought putting loads of cheese in a chocolate fountain machine would be a good idea. But it clearly wasn't, as the machine started whizzing and the cheese started splattering around. A video clip of this epic fail of South Korean Mukbang has been going viral online and it has got the funniest reactions, not to miss the guy's expressions as well. ASMR Mukbang YouTuber Ssoyoung Eats Live Octopus and Other Sea Animals; Receives Backlash, Critics Call Her ‘Cruel’ (Watch Videos).

South Korean YouTuber Tasty Hoon made a video of Cheese Fondue Chicken in which he emptied an entire pan of melted cheese into a chocolate fountain machine. And when he started it, the cheese started dripping all over and machine even coming apart. From initial giggles, he is left with crying expressions as all the cheese almost goes to waste. He then gives sad expressions, appears to be almost crying as he puts a little bit of the fallen cheese on the chicken legs and eats it! But the small clip of the cheese in chocolate fountain is going viral on Twitter and everybody has given funniest reactions.

Check The Full Video Here:

Here's The Snippet Going Viral on Twitter:

The video has crossed over 2 million views and has got so crazy responses. Check some of them below:

2020 Mood

Same Energy

Life is Spiraling Like This

HAHAHA, Finding Analogies

Summary of a Year

A lot of them have mentioned they cannot stop watching this clip while others have related the whole idea to 2020, where it starts out good and then you just end up crying. The guy's confused expressions make it all the more funnier. Clearly, this is one experiment you shouldn't be trying anytime.

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